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On Fri, 15 May 98 19:41:10 MST 
Chris Gray<cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA> wrote:

> Whilst reading the above, something just occurred to me (probably
> already been tried). Many MUDs have safe zones where player-killing
> is not allowed.  Its a simple mechanism, but seems effective. In
> mine, I only allow combat in the single combat zone. Similar
> effect. So, how about letting players choose whether or not their
> character particpates in the "kill things and gain levels" race? 
> Such a character can still fight and kill things, and may well have
> an internal, never-revealed set of stats, but no-one (except perhaps
> admins or wizards) can determine the actual stats. If someone (e.g.
> a player-kill d00d) attacks them, then they can fight back, with
> whatever skill they actually possess. If they are killed, the PK-er
> gets *no* points, but if the PK-er is killed or harmed, they lose as
> they normally would.

First thought:

  Ooo goodie!  I'll run one non-levelling character and one levelling
character.  I'll do all the dangerous bits with the non-leveller, and
then hand off the rewards to the leveller.

That said, interesting idea.  My disquiet is that it irrevocably
fractures the player base, _and_ divides the cause/effect
relationships.  It essentially allows one faction to hold itself free
of unwanted effects from the other:

  "Nyahh nyahh!  You can't hurt me!"  

Sure, you could kill him, but he loses nothing _and_ you'd get hurt in 
the process.

> Levellers would always be free to participate in the non-levelling
> activities of the game, right along with the rest of the
> characters. The two systems would not really be separate - they
> would share currency, etc.

With the result that one side would hate the guts of the other, and
not be able to do a damned thing about it.  Swatting flies is no fun
when the flies keep coming back to life.

> Is it too much to hope that the PK-ers would tend to leave the
> non-levellers alone, since they really aren't worth it? Unless of
> course they are *really* ticked off, but then they are effectively
> role-playing in their killing!

The problem isn't the PK'ers, its the non-levellers leaving the PK'ers 

How many idiots have you seen in games with safe rooms who run about
taunting others and then beeline for the nearest safe room as soon as
anyone twitches?  (Or event does it all thru TELLs from the safe

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