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Re: PK and my "Mobless MUD" idea

>> God, I hate discussions with rational, intellegent people.
>Me sorry.  Me try keep to short words now on.  Okey dokey?
>Me-um gottum biggum, ohh, whatever.

JC: I just want to make sure you got the serious compliment imbedded in my
sarcasm. Looks like you did, but I have a history of pissing people off by
accident. This is tragic since I do it so often on purpose, it's a bummer
to do by mistake.

>UOL's most significant problem could very likely be its requirement to
>honour the old Ultima games.  Forget PK.  That single limitation
>apparently forced endless hacky compromises in the game design.

You got there first on that point. Been meaning to discuss that for a
while. It is clear from the sub-text of Raph's posts that there where
serious struggles inside Origin among the single player rpg people and the
mudders. The sad and interesting result is they managed to create
unrealistic expecations while failing to capture much of what the ultima
series had to offer. Ultimatly (pun intended), they failed to honor the
ultima series and managed to ignore much of the experience the online
people brought to the table. And despite it all the game is a financial and
(to a degree) artistic/technical success. Just shows the pent up demand for
this kind of product.

>> Kind of like kids...Ok, I would still have had them with what I know
>> now, but it would have been a closer call.
>Harrumph.  Point taken.  Then again I generally figure that having
>kids was possibly the smartest decision I ever made.

Got me on a bad day. My kids are my greatest joy. But I am a cold-blooded
sob (bad upbringing, and all) and try to stay close to my motivations. I
would make lots of changes in my life if I could do it over, but the kids
and the wife would remain, bigtime.

Personal comments...too OT for the list


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