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> > On Mon, 11 May 1998, Koster, Raph wrote:

> > What, exactly, is the problem with mud schools? They serve the
> > singular purpose of letting those who are brand new to your (type
> > of) world gain some familiarity with it, before venturing forth. I
> > should think that any admin would be glad to have a "mud schoo"
> > which answers newbie questions, rather than having to answer those
> > questions him/herself time and again.

> Do any MUD schools actually exist which *DO* this?  I haven't found
> one yet.  Certainly the standard DIKU mud school derivitive seems
> nothing but a trial to get thru as quickly as possible.

> > The mud school which ships with Merc derivitives is great for what
> > it does - namely, that listed above. 

> Hrum.  Care to point me at one?  All the ones I've seen merely hand
> out a few practices, and set up target monsters to slaughter.

The mudschool area that I wrote tried to be informative, usefull and
to maintain the selfrespect  of the players.  I do not know how much
success I had with it of course  since I hardly ever play there any-

[ examples snipped ]

My school  started the player in the middle of the freelancer's guild.
In the main hall to be precise. From there the players could easily go
to the school area  (a series of classrooms  each detailing a specific
topic  graded for the clueless,  the new and the experienced players).
They could also go to the training grounds, the guildmaster (to level)
and to a social area with bulleting boards and a bar.
The training grounds were just that.  A set of rooms  with dummies for
the players to practice on, arranged with increasing difficulty.  If a
player cared to look around a little  they could also find a vast area
just a little further down the hall  that offered more of a challenge.
In fact it even encouraged cooperation between players because some of
that challenge was definitely more than a single low level player  was
able to handle.
With the training area also came a little shop where new players could
obtain some usefull potions and wands  to make life a little easier on
them.  The same was true for the equipment.  Nothing fancy but I tried
to ensure everything was decent and usefull  to the low level players.
Of course the entire guild was also filled  with high level guild mem-
bers that weren't in the same league as the new players but I did that
on purpose too.
I suppose quite a few oldbies had the same experience as JC had: Let's
see... this is a mudschool,  so I just attack that battle scarred merc
over there... [very few seconds later] ...he killed me in one round???
What kind of mudschool is this?  [poor guy forgot to read the descrip-
tions and assumed the area was just as any other mudschool he had ever
visited *evil grin*]

Somehow I do not think JCL would like it ;)

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