[MUD-Dev] Plug: Got my java client to work using the java-plugin.

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Sat May 23 15:49:17 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

I've modified my html so that you can run my java mud client
even if you have and old browser (Netscape 3.xx and up, same with
IE.)  A few of you have tried it but failed because your browser
wasn't right, if you are still curious, please give it a try now
and see if it works for you.


	and follow the appropriate link to get to the
	applet (Hegemon)

To just hit the plugin page straight out:


NOTE:  This only works under win95, NT, and Solaris.
	I haven't tested under Solaris yet either....

I hear there is one in the works for Linux, but not yet.

Ben Greear (greear at cyberhighway.net)  http://www.primenet.com/~greear 
Author of ScryMUD:  mud.primenet.com 4444

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