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>On Wed, 20 May 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:
>> Given a domain which consists of several distinct lumps, the
>> coordinate system ignores the "space" between the lumps.  ie the space
>> between the lumps as defined by the containing coordinate system is
>> treated as of zero size.
>Cunning, though for me, it's more of a curiosity than something I'd be
>willing to implement.  Can a builder switch between coord systems?  Say
>from cartesian to cylindrical?  Or perhaps something even more bizarre,
>like transformations to a Z plane:


I guess something that strikes me about coordinate systems is this:

The times I have thought about coordinate systems it was for two reasons.
One would be to quickly "build" a very generic area, like a long path, or a
large meadow, where there wouldn't be much change in description.  You could
build a small database within the MUD to handle the coordinates, maybe just
a large multi-dimensional array or mapping.  You could use it with the same
description for all rooms, or have it store unique descriptions, or any
combination.  Or the concept of D-space from MUSH environments like Robomush
from years ago.

The other reason would be to keep track of ownership of areas.... which you
wouldn't even really NEED a coordinate system to do.  That way, as kings and
lords won battles and took over new areas, the ownership would/could change.
This is probably easier handled in a variable in the object code itself
though, rather than a coordinates system.

Perhaps I'm too locked into my old modes of thinking however.  I grew up in
the old LP muds, dating back to the good old 2.4.5 driver/lib.  Maybe for
other games like UOL it makes more sense to use coordinates?

Benjamin D. Wiechel
strycher at toast.net

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