[MUD-Dev] Re: [Mud-Dev] Playerkilling website

Koster Koster
Tue Jun 2 12:09:25 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

John Bertoglio said:

> Interesting note: My son's guild was in a dungeon and about 20 players
> (including him) were taken out by four PKs. The attack was carried out
> precision. They knew who to hit first and exactly where to attack. The
> ambush was brilliant. Interesting that Alex (my son) lost connection
> as the attack began...seems to happen a lot (His ICQ is marked to NOT
> is current IP address).

I have heard that you can get ahold of the IP even with that toggle set.

> BTW, Raph: Any comment on Richard G's comments on "Ultima Gold" at E3?

Check http://www.uovault.com for the scoop, we talked a lot about it at
the player luncheon held here in Austin on Sunday. Basically: land
expansion, frontier feel, integrated IRC-like system, pop-up help, and
localization using Unicode support, so you can type in Kanji, German,


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