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> Interesting note: My son's guild was in a dungeon and about 20
> players (including him) were taken out by four PKs. The attack was
> carried out with precision. They knew who to hit first and exactly
> where to attack. The ambush was brilliant. 

The following is inventive:



Anyone who solo PK's knows how to build a good character so I won't go
into that. Necessities: plenty of greater heal, plenty of greater
explosion potions and a horse! You should all know about roughly 30 of
each regent, 80 bolts.. a magic heavy X-bow.. great armor isn't that
important (It's better not to get hit) but nice..

A quick note on combat tactics, shoot with your bow for the initial
hard hit, quickly remove your bow, magic arrow to take off reflect,
and energy bolt them once as you as fast as possible throw a greater
explosion targeted at them to prevent recall.. if they're not dead
yet, re-equip the bow for a quick shot, remove it and e-bolt again. If
they de-reflect you, WAIT for them to get up an e-bolt and your
strongest weapon is to cast magic reflect just before they shoot you
so it hits them again. Magic reflect is also a great weapon in duels
if you have timing)

Now! PKing solo is not great for dungeons! If you wanna get the
"role-players"/respectable players, not newbies, check out the
spawning grounds in the forest (south east of Yew along the mountain
side, or south of Trinsic on a peninsula) at peak hours of the day
there are plenty of adventurers about.  Set up your network of runes,
have 6 runes and mark them in your target zone.. your target zone is
the area around the spawning zone, roughly just larger than your big
radar. Place these now marked runes in a circle in your backpack,
which co-ensides with the location of which they're marked (if you are
in a dungeon, mark runes all over the dungeon and make a map with them
so you know where you're recalling to). Now you're all set and ready
to hunt.. when beginning your first thought is "seek and destroy" your
second SHOULD be "divide and conquer" unless you're up against
newbies, the only way to win is to outsmart your opponents. This is
where PKing/hunting becomes a true sport. Coming across a group of 6
or less, first check out if there are any stragglers (people stuck
between monsters, people behind) and pick them off quickly.(reefur to
combat tactics at the begining). Size out your soon to be opponents
(hide).. if the people don't look to be in uniform.. and you speculate
they are simply separate adventurers not playing with much
co-ordination, your job will be much easier. Approach the group.. but
do not start throwing attacks out as if you're a one man army, this
will not do. If the group is slow to react to you, give them a gesture
to get them chasing.. "NA NA NA NA NA THOU ART IT!!!!!!" works... :)
immediately run around showing you're alone so they have the
confidence to chase you like a mob. Now comes the mind games.. do not
attack them with full force, only a little prick here and there with
your bow on their mage perhaps.. hide. Have your words of power off
for your spells, and wait until they've surrounded you and are about
to reveal you, recall to a spot just on the other side of them (but
not within the mobs view) now you know how strong they are.. and they
don't know where you are. Select a single target from them to pick on
in further encounters.  Perhaps check out the sight where they first
were to pick off any stragglers. If some woman is still hacking at a
rat man, blow her away with full force! (reefer to combat tactic at
the beginning) Then as buddies come to save her, recall to another
location in your target zone. Approach the group again.. give a quick
taunt "I am the ghost of the iron duck!".. run.. hide.. recall when
reviled. Harass them with this.. hit, run, hide, recall, run, hit,
hide, run. When running from a fast opponent and you feel he's the
only one left chasing you, turn around and take him on 1 on 1! (reefer
to combat tactic at beginning). Upon doing this for about 20 minutes,
people will begin to accuse you of cheating because you can "run while
hidden!" it's quite amusing, especially if a GM takes you to jail!

A final note upon conclusion... You may not get the chance to grab all
the loot for you are turning from the hunter to the hunted so fast,
but the fun is worth it, and if you can do this you're probably quick
and experienced and have enough loot. Have a rune to your house so you
can dump off loot quickly but don't stay out of the action too
long. The good thing about having the same guys chase you, is they get
anxious to kill you as their friends die 1 by 1, they get more
careless and less united with each other.  Those explosion potions
prevent recall, use them good! Motto #1, don't die, Motto #2 kill the

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> Interesting that Alex (my son) lost connection just as the attack
> began...seems to happen a lot (His ICQ is marked to NOT send is
> current IP address).

I've found multiple claims that it is still possible if not entirely
easy to still get the IP address in that case.

BTW: I'm now hosting the ICGnu mailing list at Kanga.Nu -- they're
looking to do a GPL ICQ clone.  The archives will be turned on as soon
as I solve a last bug with WebGlimpse (I'm going to need to regen the
MUD-Dev archives as well alas).

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