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Koster Koster
Mon Jun 8 10:25:54 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

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> Current list of scenarios wanted include:
> 	Great God GooGoo
> 	Crystalline Tree
> 	Sting (in the weapons shop)
> 	Bungle (?)
This sounds like the Mr Bungle case on LambdaMOO. A link to one copy of
Julian Dibbell's article is
http://www.apocalypse.org/pub/u/lpb/muddex/vv.html (this is the MudDex's
copy, not Dibbell's own website, which also has a copy).

> 	Habitat (Lucasarts)
> There are, no doubt, much more than the above list.
> Addresses or information outside of that found in the archives about
> the
> following muds/projects would also be greatly appreciated:
> 	ColdMUD (not ColdX/Genesis combination)
> 	IOWA Project, The
> 	Island (though died afaik)
> 	MUD1
Bartle's competitive analysis of existing MUDs has some useful info, but
I can't find the link off the top of my head. ALso try his account of
the early days of muds at
http://www.apocalypse.org/pub/u/lpb/muddex/bartle.txt (thanks heavens
for the MUDDex, again.... ;)

> 	Sojourn (one that spawned Toril)
There's probably no website or such info extant. Sojourn died when there
were creative and administrative differences between members of its
staff. The result was two muds both using the same world and code, which
quickly diverged in many ways. The two muds were Toril and Duris, and
one of the chief differences AFAIK was the handling of PK. Duris I
believe just went away two weeks (?) ago. I bet that a judicious search
with DejaNews would reveal much about this episode in mud history.

> 	Habitat (more information asides from the 'Lessons learnt...'
> 		 found at Electric Communities)
> Heh, that sounded like a public warning.
Does the FAQ list the following sites?

http://www.apocalypse.org/pub/u/lpb/muddex/ MUDDex
http://www.godlike.com/muds/ Lydia Leong's MUD resource collection


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