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> Mud-Dev FAQ Last modified: 6 June 1998

Minor stuff:

> 2. How do I post?

> Posting on the list is a privilege which may be obtained from the
> list owner.  It is suggested you lurk for a while to get a gist of
> how things work on the list.  When you do approach the list owner
> for posting privileges, attach your intended posting.

Probably a good idea to restate the listowner address:
mud-dev-owner at kanga.nu.  Some people won't know the defaults, and will 
have lost the web pages.

Probably a good idea to also source the web-page as the default
reference for list operation related questions.

> 7. Aaargh!  The traffic is too much!

> Perhaps switching to the daily digest mode would help?  Please refer
> to your invitation for the appropriate information.  [NB: Since the
> change to Petidomo, this is no longer supported but I believe it is
> being worked on.]

Digests are 70% done.  The remaining 30% centers on race conditions
implicit in Petidomo's design that I need to unearth and handle and
testing.  Testing is a laborious process, especially as digests double
the total command set for Petidomo.

<<Yes, Dr Cat, we are getting close>>

> 9. How do I turn off the list while I'm on holiday?

> There is a "nomail" feature which keeps you subscribed whilst not
> sending you list traffic.  It may be activated by mailing
> mud-dev-request at kanga.nu with the body of the text as follows:

>   nomail <your email address>

While not important, the email address above is optional.

> To turn it back on after the holiday, substitute "mail" for
> "nomail".

> Posting privileges are retain so you may find the same feature


> useful if you post from several email addresses but would like to
> receive mail at just one.

Remember to get posting priviledges for all addresses.

> 3. List Invite

Better lose this (historical references?).

> From JCL, here is a message for the commercially orientated amongst
> us:

This text is also on the list's web page, with a little extra text
about the use of MUD vs mud vs MUA etc at the bottom.  It might be a
good idea to reference the page and/or update the text.

> Dragon's Dinner - Alexander Weidt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

>             /(o__.  _____| \ |OcO| ---------/|-/|-( ,__)-------| |
> |--------+++++++++/|_| - |_ ----------- /\/ |/ |/ _
> \++++++C+O+M+P+L|E+X+I+T+Y+++++O+F+++/f| `-' | |\/ / \/
> "++++++D+|+S+T+R+I+B+U+T+E+D+( u| | ___| . .____. /______________|
> "|++++++S+Y+S+T+E+M+S+\n|_)___(_/----------- _| /| |_ || |_ |____| |
> "++++++++\| | | | \ /__/LL__,) LL__,) | / (__|__) \

Ouch.  Some really bad word wrapping there, even in the original.

>   IOWA Project, The: Cannot find any references what so ever.

The best textual reference is in Bartle's MUD survey.  As happens I
was in there in the early days (MirrorWorld and such).  There should
be a copy on the LambdaMOO FTP site, or the MUDDex.

Note: *PLEASE* send any/all interesting MUD related documents to
ftp://ftp.kanga.nu/pub/Incoming.  I would like to stock the Kanga.Nu
library for easy centralised reference by list members.  

>   Island: Did this not die some time back?

Yup.  Keegan threatens reanimation.

>   MUD1: Although MUD2 is up above.

MUD1 (which I didn't play a whole lot as telco bills were prohibitive) 
was quite a bit different from what we now know as MUD2.  I wouldn't
attempt to define the scope of the differences however.

>   Habitat: Hard to find more information on.

Urk.  I have a fairly extensive collection of rotted URLs.  Will unearth.

> Lockless server or DB:

This should attribute me and reference DEMOS and the DOME project.

> mud or MUD: It is not an acronym.  It is a collective term for all
> the types of games discussed on this list, including both RP and
> GoP.


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