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Koster Koster
Tue Jun 9 13:46:52 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

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> I agree about the medium not being used to its fullest capacity.
> However,
> I would like to make one comment about newsletters.  Trying to do a
> mud
> newsletter on a non-commercial mud is akin to attacking a lunatic
> asylum
> with a banana.  The admin are often too busy trying to keep the mud
> running smoothly to organize it, and the players generally would
> rather
> play than "work".
I'll quarrel with this assertion. :)

Last I heard, Legend's newsletter had over 500 subscribers. Some of them
are people who haven't played in ages, yet stay on the newsletter
because it interests them. It gets lots of roleplay items, serves to
report on the weekly code updates, has useful articles and play tips,
and so on. It's gone through droughts where we lacked editorship to take
it over, but it has been getting published on a regular schedule for
four years now. And when an issue is delayed--whoo, watch out! The
playerbase complains mightily. You can see how long it's been running,
and what it's like, at the following URL:


A rough summary of each issue is there in the index. It's up to volume
five now. Maybe we just had the right bananas. ;)

In contrast, UO has no newsletter, and I'd be terribly daunted by the
effort of setting one up that is run by the game administration.
Instead, lots of players have set up their own websites about the game,
and all is well.


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