[MUD-Dev] The lessons of Habitat's Dr Death repeated?

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The perils of admin intervention:

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My favorite example is on a MUD that I once built on. I won't mention names
here, but they know who they are. A player had gotten really into role-playing
and started an argument with the owner of the Tavern at witch all the players
started out at. He really made his character real, and the gods did a good job
of keeping the argument going. The player finally decided that his character
would burn down the Tavern. Sure it sounds like a major change to the MUD, but
it really wouldn't have been, and he had plenty of players on his side. The gods
wouldn't let him burn the Tavern down and told those that sided with him that if
they continued they would all be lowered to level 1. What the hell is that?!?!
That Tavern should have gone up in flames, just to show that role players get
something for their efforts, rather than encouraging all the players to go
hack'n'slash in the dungeons. 

I can't tell you just how important this is. For a real good MUD there is no
other quality that matters more.

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