[MUD-Dev] MUDZilla -- commercial server base

J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Tue Jun 9 16:44:25 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

  URL http://www.myne.com/mynecorp/tmoainc/mudzilla/Design.htm

Go to all the links as their site is *very* fractured.

Ambitious, text based, Borland Delphi/InterBase/SQL base, absolute
seperation of code from objects, database used only for attribute and
relation data, extension by relational definition only, they don't
seem to have any form of internal scripting or programming unless
that's what MCL is, Inter-MUD style clusters and universe sharing (no
data on how they resolve the basic systemic problems), claim to be
LP/LPC influenced, type based object security (!!!?) with no details
given, almost no statement at all about the game environment except
for a brief coverage of basic MUD (multi-user DIALOG?)commands and the
statement that they do permadeath after 9 "lives" with standard
DIKU-ish corpse retrieval the mean time, extensive effort spent on
world description on the web (no evidence of it being matched with
actual game-world, and server stats indicate game world is still

Note:  There are a *many* of pages under there.

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