[MUD-Dev] Mud websites

Greg Munt greg at uni-corn.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 9 18:27:34 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

How important are they? How relevant are they to telnet-only games?
(Particularly to stock muds, where all or most of its features are known by
almost all of its players.)

What are their goals, and are they achieved? Do mud administrators provide
what users want?

Are mud websites just a bandwagon, or do they achieve some purpose that is
beneficial to the mud?

My perspective is that mud websites, as a medium, are wholly under- and
mis-used. Most are put up to say 'here we are' and/or 'this is what you can
do at myMUD!' - not much more than advertising spiel. The web could be
taken advantage of so much, even by telnet-only games. Mostly, to encourage
internal socio-political and cultural development (the more RP, the more
advantages to using a website that there are). You can have online
newsletters, websites for clubs/guilds, maps, histories if the world, lots
and lots of things that could not be effectively achieved through telnet.

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