[MUD-Dev] Re: skill system

Katrina McClelan kitkat at the486.bradley.edu
Wed Jun 10 16:42:24 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Adam Wiggins wrote:

> Orion once told me that early on in his mudding career he thought that the
> diku "consider" command actually staged a quick mock battle between you
> and the target, and then came back with a percentage chance of a win...

it'd have to stage many mock battles to get a percentage.  Interesting
idea.  Not really worth the processing time.  Besides which, in the case
of considering mobs, that's the players job, unless the consider command
is based on the mob's APPEARANCE, and not its actual STATISTICS.  It's
certainly plausible for that dimunutive halfling Hobart to in fact be an
accomplished and deadly swordsman, but you wouldn't know it by looking.
Conversely, Scarr, the cowardly thief dresses in a very intimidating
fashion, and looks like he could tear apart anyone foolish enough to
attack him, but in reality he's a wimp.  I cut the lines, but this applies
to even things like considering lifting a rock mentioned above.  Physical
appearnace is much more important.  The rock may look heavy but until you
try to lift it you never know it it's hollow, as heavy as it look, or
even heavier.  (Granted in the case above, "considering" may include
"trying" the rock).  Further, it's hard to base even appearance.  Ganrak
the orc may have had his family slaughtered by halflings, making Hobart
look rather intimidating.  Worse still are other factors:  what about
lifting an object that is a mere 3 pounds but is the size of a small end
table.  Fredo the weakly human mage would be able to lift it easily, but
what about poor Hobart.  Sure, he's stronger than Fredo in raw power, but
the rock is simply too big for him to get a decent grasp of.  Perception
is a funny thing, and one that is not easily simulated cleanly in a
computer program.


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