[MUD-Dev] Re: skill system

Koster Koster
Wed Jun 10 19:00:47 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

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>    ]consider bubba
>    You've no idea how good Bubba is in a fight.
> Now imagine you try again later, after watching Bubba dispatch a few
> goblins:
>    ]consider bubba
>    Bubba is pretty good at fighting, but you think you could probably
> beat him.
> So you try and kill Bubba...the trouble is he was using his rusty old
> dagger
> against the goblins, but when you attack he pulls out the dreaded
> Katana of
> Castration and almost kills you.  Later you consider him again:
>    ]consider bubba
>    Bubba would slaughter you in a fight!
> This could be added into my recognition code quite easily, ... [snip]
I hate to ask, but how on earth do you guys manage to store all that
data? :)


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