[MUD-Dev] Re: The lessons of Habitat's Dr Death repeated?

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jun 11 00:43:01 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On  9 Jun 98, J C Lawrence wrote:
> The perils of admin intervention:
> From: "Jynx (Wyrm / Tygr / Myth) Ryn" <jynx_ryn at mindless.com>
> Subject: Re: AD&D online MUD
> My favorite example is on a MUD that I once built on. I won't mention names
> here, but they know who they are. A player had gotten really into role-playing
> and started an argument with the owner of the Tavern at witch all the players
> started out at. He really made his character real, and the gods did a good job
> of keeping the argument going. The player finally decided that his character
> would burn down the Tavern. Sure it sounds like a major change to the MUD, but
> it really wouldn't have been, and he had plenty of players on his side. The gods
> wouldn't let him burn the Tavern down and told those that sided with him that if
> they continued they would all be lowered to level 1. What the hell is that?!?!
> That Tavern should have gone up in flames, just to show that role players get
> something for their efforts, rather than encouraging all the players to go
> hack'n'slash in the dungeons. 

Players weren't allowed to play NPCs in this game, thus all NPCs are 
known to be admin.   Are there problems here in providing strong 
differentiation 'tween PCs and NPCs?  It seems the admin's refusal 
to consider the matter was a technical one (mechanical), thus 
role-play outside of mechanical constructs is verboten?!?  Is this a 
problem with having static descriptions?

This could also serve as an example of poor game-mastering and/or 
poor role-playing.  We've got a refusal to allow an action followed 
by game reprisal/penalty and we've got an insistence that such action
be not only allowable, but successful.  The situation seems to have 
been handled poorly from both sides with satisfaction from neither 

> I can't tell you just how important this is. For a real good MUD there is no
> other quality that matters more.

This also brings up the coexistence issue.  Can both game styles of 
play be satisfied within a single mud?

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