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Thought this might be appropriate to the "mud-time vs real-time" debate.

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Hilarion <hilarion at heave.to> wrote in article
<6loqq9$koe$1 at supernews.com>...
[really large chop]
> Is real-time for game-time an acceptable thing for most gamers?
Okie, this isn't nessecarily exactly what you're talking about...but...it's
I'm intending to impliment a system where instead of getting spammed with
'you are hungry (thirsty)'
'You are VERY hungry' 'You are starving' or whatever, a player will have to
hunt for food and a source of water, ONCE per login/24hrs, and maybe
something to induce them to drink a couple of times aday, perhaps basing
healing rates off the last time they drank or something. I also intend to
count age at a rate of say 3-4 days per 24hrs real time, this way in a
couple of years (real time) someone will be almost ten years older...as for
skills degenerating with lack of use, I think this causes a problem, in
that players will artificially do things to prevent that...such as
practicing their 'square dancing' while on the march during war time
</absurd example> an alternative solution is to find a way for the player
to forget how to do it...this is tricky with most skills, but for instance
my magic system once it gets into gamma will require a player to speak some
words and make some gestures in order for a spell to 'go off'...therefore
it will be somewhat...easier for a player to forget spells, particularly
those they never really used all that often back when they were 'in
shape/practice' *shrug* Dunno if this helps or is that great of a response
to your ideas:) The one I hate the worst btw, is weather, sitting there
RP'ing and getting basically spammed with 'the sun rises in the east,
lightning flashes in the sky, the sun sets in the west, the sun rises in
the east, the wind blows' and all this in a conversation that in RL terms
wouldn't take more than two hours to have...*shrugs again*:) 


- Spam is for usenet, not muds :) -


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