[MUD-Dev] Re: mud websites

Oliver Jowett oliver at jowett.manawatu.planet.co.nz
Fri Jun 12 01:53:44 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, Scatter wrote:

> > There's also a recent addition that allows player to edit 
> > strings via a browser & submit to the mud directly - 
> > considerably nicer than using a line-based editor
> Hmmmm interesting idea, that one. Not sure how usable it
> would be though, how does it work? Player issues a command
> and is given a URL to go to do the edit? 

Not exactly..

The player enters the editor however they normally do (editing their
description, or whatever). Instead of using the line-mode editor, they go
to a static URL on the internal webserver (with authentication), enter
their text on a form, and submit.

> > (I'm not familiar with the details of this, haven't
> > actively worked on the code for some time). There was 
> > support for a Java applet that did basically the same 
> > thing via a separate protocol
> I think I'd prefer to avoid this sort of thing. I think it's
> enough that people can ftp files and edit them locally
> using whatever friendly editors they desire.

Hm, this system is server-driven with some caching - runs a -lot- faster
than client-driven ftp on a slow connection, plus no explicit commands are
needed on the client side (a local editor of the user's choice magically
pops up at the right times - on exit, the string is automatically sent
back). Using an applet was an attempt to make it available to our
non-*ix-using players; a windows port is done now anyway.

Actually, this whole system is aimed more at the admin staff, since they
tend to be doing frequent editing.

I can provide protocol details or make code available if there's interest.

> > Considered NNTP?
> I hadn't... I have now. I don't think it's a goer because
> (as far as I know) NNTP would not enable the mud to identify
> a connection as being a particular player.

NNTP can handle user authentication (and most newsreaders will let you
configure who you authenticate as)


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