[MUD-Dev] PC 99 standard Re: In game bulletin boards vs. Web based.

Mike Sellers mike at bignetwork.com
Fri Jun 12 09:36:20 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

At 05:24 PM 6/11/98 +0000, Jo Dillon wrote:
>At Reading University at the moment some arts students only have access
>to some rather ancient vt52-type terminals which look at least 20 years=

FWIW, Microsoft recently released its "PC 99" spec -- what developers
should consider as the minimum market-viable PC by about July of 1999:
300MHz MMX, 64Mb of ram, DVD, probably no CD-ROM, no floppy drive except as
an external option.  No ISA slots -- all PCI and AGP. =20

I know, the university "market" tends to lag behind in some areas.  Still,
if you're wondering "what do people have on their desktops?" -- for the
vast majority of people it isn't a dumb terminal, and it probably isn't
even a 486 anymore. =20

Will this change things for hobbyist or commercial mud-developers?
Difficult to say...


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