[MUD-Dev] Re: darkness/visibility

Dr. Cat cat at bga.com
Fri Jun 12 10:09:23 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

> I agree in part - I see a problem with the default
> 'either-you-see-it-or-you-don't' system, but not the one originally
> referred to.  The problem as I see it is the clear dividing line between
> what light level A, where you see perfectly and light level B, where you
> can't see at all.  Realistically there are gradients between the two levels
> where your vision is impared, but you still see - you can certainly
> identify a book, navigate to it and pick it up, but you can't read the
> writing on it.  In a slightly darker room you can see objects, but can't
> identify them.

Great art is created not by what the artist chooses to put in, but by 
what they choose to leave out.  This post itself is being held to two 
sentences in length, in an attempt to be - beautiful.

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