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Andrew C.M. McClintock andrewm at tiger.hsc.edu
Fri Jun 12 11:33:06 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

> strycher at toast.net wrote:
>>Is there a real problem with the default situation? If the player types
>>the command, then either the player knows the object is there, or is
>>intending to try to find one. If there is one, and nothing prevents
>>the action, then let it go ahead. Why get more complex, unless you
>>really have something specific in mind to gain?
>There's always the thought that there would be a % chance to find the switch
>in the dark, or that if there's anywhere for light to show in, based on
>time, that % chance would increase as your eyes adjusted to the "light".   I
>suppose you would also need to take into account someone who is blind, and
>doesn't need the light, and someone with picture-perfect memory that can
>100% of the time find the light switch because he/she knows exactly where it
>is based on the "picture" just before the lights went out.

Of course you could just have the duration of the action increased because
of a lowered visibility (this could apply either way--too light or too
dark). The more hampered the visibility, the longer the action takes.

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