[MUD-Dev] META: The web is a live again!

J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Fri Jun 12 19:33:06 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Writing as list owner:

  The MUD-Dev archives are regenerating as I type.  They should be
done in a couple hours or so.  New tarballs of each quarter are being
made as each quarter compleats.

  Search has changed.  Marc-Search is gone: it was just too expensive.
WebGlimpse is everything you want to search with.(tm)  MUD-Dev now has
its own private WebGlimpse database and allows searching by directory
trees.  There are also (about to be) separate WebGlimpse databases for
the various other mailing lists I host at Kanga.Nu, and a global
database for all non-archive pages (not that there's much there yet).

  The search links for all non-archive pages have not yet been updated 
with the new search links.  Soon.  I'm tired and I want to see my
kids.  I'll do them sometime this weekend.  For now either go straight 


or bear with me.  <yawn>

  I'm no longer using neighborhoods with WebGlimpse.  Instead you may
now notice a drop list of directories on the WebGlimpse form.  Just
pick the directory from the drop box that you want to search and it
will search the contents of that directory and everything underneath
it.  As such you can search the entire list archive in one pass, or
work quarter to quarter.

  Note: The WebGlimpse database for MUD-Dev will update tonight.
Until that time there may be some disparities between the newly
generated pages and contents of the database.  

  Side comments:

    We are now indexed by at least a couple search engines.  None of
my doing.  HotBot made a light weight pass a couple weeks agoe, and
Inktomi hit pretty hard back on the 5th.  See:


    for some of the evidence.  Searches on HotBot and Inktomi
(<URL:http://www.snap.com>) now find MUD-Dev.  

    Quite an international crowd we seem to be drawing there too per
the domain report on the same page...


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