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John Bertoglio alexb at internetcds.com
Sat Jun 13 22:08:10 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

From: Jon A. Lambert <jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com>
Date: Thursday, June 11, 1998 5:34 PM

>>On 10 Jun 98, John Bertoglio wrote:
<Cut my stuff>

Finally, you guys start taking about stuff I *really* understand.

>I'm curious about your and others' opinions about web page navigation
>and framing others sites.  Regarding the links on my site, I've
>endeavored to disable the frames when going to most web pages.  But I
>have kept the navigation framing intact when linking to an FTP site
>and when refering to a single HTML document on another site.
>Is this a reasonable compromise?

Yes. If your goal is to allow users to hit a bunch of FTP sites and return
to your site, this is a very effective method. We use frames extensivly and
always use a target="_top" on outlinks to avoid this problem.

>I was also wondering about the
>reference to it being specifically prohibited by some sites.  Do you
>mean the ISP hosting the site or the "linked" site?

This behavior is typical of content providers like weather sites, ESPN,
etc. While I assume it has never been tested legally, many providers do not
allow you to display their content in a frame set such that it looks like
their content is _your_ content. Our newspaper clients have tended to do
this and have gotten emails demanding the link be changed.

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