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Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Sun Jun 14 14:30:04 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Sun, 14 Jun 1998, Chris Gray wrote:

>  > The
>  >trouble is you end up with things like:
>  >
>  >   [remove my backpack and get my sword and cheese from it, then eat it and
>  >    sheath it
>  >
>  >Which is...well...just silly.  Perhaps I should leave it as it is - its just 
>  >that I feel I could take it further.
> Sure, it looks silly, and is hard to understand, but it is the user that
> chooses to try to type such things. I think having a system that can
> handle more stuff than any user will ever use is overkill, but isn't
> usually directly harmful.

Coming in late on this thread...but my two centavos anyway...
(If this is horribly off topic, then please excuse me!)

I probably have the most sparse command language of any mud out there.

I don't even allow adjetives or prepositions.  For instance, this is
the command to get the third sword from the second bag:

get 3.sword 2.bag

get 3 sword 2 bag    also works.

What's worse, (almost) every command and name can be abbreviated, so this
will work, unless other completions get in the way (it may still work,
just not what you expected.):

ge 3.sw 2.b

I did this because I'm lame at parsing, and I grew up on a Diku typing
commands this way.

But you know what, I have never heard anyone complain, and I haven't even
gotten any suggestions to change it, although I've got an incredible load
of other suggestions and complaints!

So, maybe it doesn't matter.  If you are already down to interfacing
through a keyboard, why would you want to type more than you had to.  It
doesn't take to long to learn to leave out modifiers prepositions...

If it absolutely bothers you, then you can always alias your favorite
modifiers and preps to empty spaces! :)


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