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>      Subject:  [MUD-Dev] Telepathy Rules
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> If you watch it, consider Babylon 5 as an example - the telepaths in that
> universe are hated and feared by normal people, yet they are victims
> themselves.  They didn't ask for this ability, and in many cases they can't
> help using it (it's been mentioned that *not* reading the thoughts of
> everyone around you requires constant discipline and effort), and in the
> end the viewer isn't sure whether they should be feared ot pitied.  In the
> end, there will be war between the telepaths and the normals: each side
> distrusts and fears the other too much to avoid it.

Couldn't refrain from comment. On B5 MUSH, we used a rigged up system,
which stored the 'fatigue' level of the telepath, and allowed use of a
command to 'scan' someone. This incorporated mechanisms for blocking and
resisting scans, based on stats.

If a scan were successful, the victim was shown a message (marked as
'OOC') indicating the depth of the scan (and whether or not their
character *noticed* it taking place), along with a note of how much
information they should reveal, in negotiation with the telepath player.

Either party could request the presence of a judge, and thus arbitration
of the situation, if they felt unsure.

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