[MUD-Dev] Re: Analysis and specification - the dirty words of mud development?

Niklas Elmqvist d97elm at dtek.chalmers.se
Mon Jun 15 09:03:11 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Sun, 14 Jun 1998, Andrew C.M. McClintock wrote:

> I for one am interested, but not at all knowledgeable about the subject;
> can anyone recommend any good books on the topic, or any other form of
> information?

I am an avid reader of object-oriented analysis and design books (more
often than not, the concepts of "analysis" and "design" seem to go
hand-in-hand with O-O), and can therefore recommend some good books in
this field.

IMHO, one of the best authorities on a&d in the field is Grady Booch --
read about the Booch method in "Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with
Applications". The other main competitors are James Rumbaugh with his
"Object Modelling Technique" (the method is called OMT) and Ivar
Jacobsen's "Use-Case Approach" (not the real title, it's slipped my mind,
but the method is called Objectory). Recently these three heavy-weights
joined ranks and produced the UML notation, or the Unified Modelling
Language notation (ironically, the three were not able to come to terms
with each other about a modelling method, only a notation) -- I am sure
that there are some good books about UML by now.

Another must-buy for O-O design zealots is "Design Patterns : Elements of
Reusable Object-Oriented Software" written by Gamma, Vlissides, Johnson
and Helm (incidentially, these four are called Gang of Four or GoF for
short). This is a comprehensive catalog of extremely useful design
techniques (or "patterns" as the authors call them) for common problems
when writing O-O software.

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