[MUD-Dev] Re: Levelless MUDs

Nathan F Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Tue Jun 16 08:34:14 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Holly Sommer wrote:

:On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, jacob langthorn wrote:

:> >     player levels, then there is no level check for using eq: you
:> >     found it, you can use it.

:> Okay, call me crazy, but I don't think in 6 years of mud coding
:> that I've ever created a piece of equipment that was "level" based.

:I wouldn't say crazy, just "someone who has never built on a Diku." Are 
:Richard Woolcock and I the only Diku people here? Sometimes it sure feels 
:like it.

Well, my first muds (played, and coded on) were dikus. And I'm pretty sure
Kat has some Diku background... she's admitted to a dikulike quality in her
mud... and there's Newt, lurking somewhere around here... he wrote Imperium
Gothique and Steel and Darkness, both diku... and Oliver Jowett coded on at
least one diku...

:> Strength/skill based, yes, 

:Well, sure. Objects which are heavy require a higher strength to even 
:wield. There are other restrictions which can be added: racial, 
:class-based, alignment-based, etc.

Or... skill based to use (that switch does *what*? ... OK, so you pull the
shaft like this, facing the fletching which way?) at least with any effect.
Or to even recognize. (Really? It makes a thunder and kills? I thought it
was a funny looking stick.) I favor these methods for Physmud++ based games.

:> but I've never said, hey, if you're under level 15 you 
:> can't use this.  Having level based eq seems to be a crazy idea to me.  

:I don't think it's crazy, it's just somewhat artificial, but it works, 
:for certain game settings. Those which rely heavily on eq for individual 
:effectiveness in survival have a need for level-based eq restriction.

And levels, for that matter...

:> But what does age have to do with it?  

:Indeed. What *does* age have to do with it?

:> A 50 year old man doesn't have as much hope of doing what a 10-20 year 
:> old would with a broadsword.

:Depends. What race are you takling about? A 10-20 year old dwarf would be 
:wet behind the ears, and a 50-year-old dwarf would be a strapping young 
:buck ;)

And then there's Cohen. Anyone here read Pratchett's Interesting Times? The
geriatric barbarians got that way by being frighteningly skillful, and they
may have looked old, but... well, after 80 odd years of fighting, it took a
lot of work to kill one of them.

:  [snip]
:> (ie., likelyhood of it being of a stronger material than your
:> opponent's weapon).

:OK, but this isn't really related to removing levels from MUDs.

No. And another key I rely on: Things don't regen... and they *do* cost. In
more ways than money, most often.

:> I agree with this.  Why not let them open up shop and make money
:> off the adventurers.  A good shopkeep could make a heck of a lot of
:> money i trading.  Soon enough, if he makes enough money, perhaps he buys
:> some guards/mercenaries, and before long he's lord of the land.

:*nod* Which are good things in heavily RP games. For those which are 
:still (despite their strongest effors) grounded in whacking your opponent 
:to bits, this would be astoundingly dull.

Kudos to those that manage it with game mechanics instead of voluntary
roleplay, eh?

:> Definitely should be bonuses for brains over brawn. =)

:Which is always a challenge to code :)

Yes. But rewarding.


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