[MUD-Dev] Re: Is worse better?

Katrina McClelan kitkat at the486.bradley.edu
Tue Jun 16 15:11:13 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:

> Unix and C are the ultimate computer viruses. 

Interesting way to refer to them.  I guess that makes Windows 95 a
new birth defect that we're still trying to find a cure for?  :)

> The good news is that in 1995 we will have a good operating system and
> programming language; the bad news is that they will be Unix and C++.

and the best news is that it being UNIX and C++ doesn't matter as much
as the fact that we have a good programming language and operating system.
Good is good right?

Of course to the author (after managing to get to the bottom of the post)
it does matter because he's dealing with AI and of course in order to do
AI you must use lisp (ok that's sarcastic, but then it seems like alot of
people, myself included, get locked into the mindset that in order to A
you must use B method.)


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