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Koster, Raph<rkoster at origin.ea.com> wrote:

> Hmm. I think we need to clarify the definition of "level." Does it
> mean providing a metric at all? Or does it mean providing a ladder
> which not only measures your progress but AFFECTS it by opening up
> new capabilities?

In SHADES level did not affect abilities.  All characters had the same
abilities.  It merely affected the probability of success for any
attempt at exercising a given ability.

I don't recall (and did not play enough) MUD1 and MIST to recall how
they mapped the area.  Care to comment Bartle?

> If the former, then our definition is certainly broader than the
> classic one. If the latter, then UO doesn't really have levels, as
> you can manage to make it to the highest points of fame and karma,
> and have a sucky character who has not gained any additional
> capabilities. More analogous to the traditional levels in UO are the
> thresholds in individual skills (most especially crafting skills)
> where you obtain the capability to make more difficult items. UO
> fuzzes these and actually lets you try something very difficult even
> at 1% skill, though, so even that is a bad example.

<nod>  cf Shades above.

> The traditional level is more a goal and a reward than a measure of
> achievement. You play to reach the next milestone, and reaching it
> grants additional powers. This is the case on Legend, which Adam
> referenced below. In UO, that next milestone usually means diddly
> (unless you count getting "Lord" in front of your name as
> meaningful).

In Shades the level milestones signified significant changes to the
probabilities of success for various actions.  A newbie might have his
summons work 2% of the time.  Five levels later he might be up to a
20% success rate (other spells having different progressions (no, I
don't recall the progressions)).

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