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Matt Chatterley matt at mpc.dyn.ml.org
Wed Jun 17 16:01:38 New Zealand Standard Time 1998


On 15-Jun-98 Richard Woolcock wrote:
> Dan Shiovitz wrote:
>> Have we already had a "stuff that makes me leave" thread? Now that
>> it's summer and I have more free time, I've been poking around for a
>> mud to play. Perhaps my standards are too high or something. I messed
>> around at Shattered Kingdoms (mud.vividnet.net 1996) and left because,
>> although the world and skill system were cool, the simulation was
>> lousy (eg, standard merc/diku combat where you can cut off your
>> opponent's arms and legs and it's still not dead). The simulation was
> Merc/diku doesn't have limb-chopping at all, except for occasionally
> when you kill someone, and it says "Bubba's head plops on the floor"
> or something similar.  I don't see what is wrong with surviving missing
> limbs either - on my mud there is only about a 50% chance of dying from 
> loosing a limb (although the bleeding will kill you fairly quickly if you 
> just carrying on wandering around).

Yeah; it's possible to survive limb loss within the realms of my game, but you
*will* require treatment of a fairly powerful nature quite urgently and very
rapidly. Normal medical treatment can quite possibly be sufficient (especially
if its a normal limb), if obtained quick enough, but really, once you lose a
major limb, you're looking at requiring magical assistance. If you're tough,
and/or part of a tough race, you may not be in such bad trouble - Trolls for
instance, can survive limb loss (minor) without treatment, and have a chance at
major loss, due to their regenerative abilities. A halfling is screwed if
something gets chopped off.

Ditto for other various injuries. Incidentally, magical healing is desirable
for a number of other reasons - limb regrowth, to avoid scarring (which occurs
if bad wounds heal naturally), and so on.

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