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On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

> On 15 Jun 98, Niklas Elmqvist wrote:
> > On Sun, 14 Jun 1998, Andrew C.M. McClintock wrote:
> > 
> > Another must-buy for O-O design zealots is "Design Patterns : Elements of
> > Reusable Object-Oriented Software" written by Gamma, Vlissides, Johnson
> > and Helm (incidentially, these four are called Gang of Four or GoF for
> > short). This is a comprehensive catalog of extremely useful design
> > techniques (or "patterns" as the authors call them) for common problems
> > when writing O-O software.
> > 
> Recently there's been a plethora of books along the design patterns 
> line, including one called "Antipatterns".  I was recently browsing 
> this tome, which appears to be about patterns that do not lend 
> themselves to good design, when I was rudely thrown out of the 
> bookstore before I could memorize the author's name.  Anyone read 
> this book or some of the other design patterns books?

Anti Patterns
  Refactoring Software, Architecture, and Projects in Crisis

William J. Brown, Raphael C. Malveau, Hays W. "Skip" McCormick III, Thomas
J. Mowbray

Wiley Computer Publishing
John Wiley & Sons, Inc
New York, c 1998
ISBN  0-471-19713-0

and just to be complete:

Design Patterns
  Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides

Addison-Wesley Professional Computer Series
Richmond, Va  c 1995
ISBN  0-201-63361-2

Anti Patterns is about patterns that don't work, and why, and how to
recover from them.  Or so I understand.  A coworker has it (where I got
the info), and that $50 gift certificate to Borders I got for graduation
will be going towards both of those books!  :)  They retail for about
$34.95 and $39.95 US (repsectively, I believe).


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