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>> The problem, I think, is one of character memory: if you just
>> turned off the light switch, you should know it's there to turn on
>> again (at least for a while), barring sadistic puzzles involving
>> moving switches.. Conversely, if you just walked into the room, you
>> know nothing about a light switch (although searching for one by
>> feel is feasible).

> Is there a real problem with the default situation? If the player
> types the command, then either the player knows the object is there,
> or is intending to try to find one. If there is one, and nothing
> prevents the action, then let it go ahead. Why get more complex,
> unless you really have something specific in mind to gain?

It actively encourages "guess the noun" games (as a variation on
"guess the verb".  Players are now going to be wandering about the
place trying out all sorts of unlikely noun/verb combinations just in
case they find something.

To steal from history, Shades had (still does) two bombs.  Both bombs
were called "bomb", had indentical descriptions, and were worth points
(XP) and could thus be picked up with the ubiquitous "get t" (get
treasure) command.  However one bomb would explode when you dropped
it, killing you instantly, and the other would do nothing.

The bombs posed a significant and difficult puzzle for players.  One
of them was almost always situated on the main path into the game, and
the non-explosive one was worth many points. The problem was to avoid
getting killed.  Players used to go thru all sorts of contortions with
the bombs in order to protect themselves in case they picked up the
wrong one, stashing their EQ in a safe place, hand-offs thru a mule
character etc.  Few ever noticed that the unexploded bomb could also
be manipulated with the name, "UXB" (and yes, the other bomb responded
to "XB).

Guess the noun games were popular on Shades.

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