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>> Has any one tried using Orical or SQL to manage the data base for
>> the mud? If so what sorta luck did you have?

> Yes.  David Passmore and Lydia Leong did an experiment with MUSH,
> trying to run it off of one of the SQL engines.  They found that it
> dramatically increased the speed of global searches, but increased
> the time to get stuff like the list of local objects by an order of
> magnitude.

> This fits with my beliefs about MUDs and classic DBs: they're
> optimized for different things, and should be so.

Do you know if they attempted to tune MUSH'es basic data model to fit
the new storage behaviours, or if they just attempted to supplant the
basic dbm with an SQL structure?  The numbers you report would seem to
suggest a straight transplant without attempting to tune the data
model for the new medium (while I can't comment on the SQL world, a
few custom indexes or localised cacheing would handle the local object
list provlems poste haste in the DB2/Progress worlds I used to play

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