[MUD-Dev] Re: WIRED: Kilers have more fun

Koster Koster
Mon Jun 22 18:11:24 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

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> On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:
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> > When Garriott was asked to respond to disillusioned Ultima fans, it
> > was Lord British who answered. Perhaps he was talking as much about
> > all of cyberspace as about Ultima when he gravely proclaimed: "Those
> > who have truly learned the lessons of the Ultima games should cease
> > their complaining, rise to the challenge, and make Britannia into
> the
> > place they want it to be."
> [..]
> I think this is the wrong way to go about things. Saying, essentially,
> "the world is a chaotic and lawless place and any order must be
> imposed by the players" is putting a major burden on people.
You're quite correct.

> I think the correct model to create
> a lawful system is one where the world starts out lawful, at least in
> some places: there's a city or state or country that's large and
> *safe*, where players can have the expectation that justice is
> done.
The article doesn't mention it, but UO's cities are indeed safe. The
pkilling referenced in the article (which is the same article that was
much discussed earlier on this list as having been dramatically altered
in editing) is the pk occurring outside the safe zones.  The article is
now also several months out of date; a common complaint now is that the
new reputation system is so effective that the dungeons are overcrowded
because the risk of death to pk'ers is so much lower. :)


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