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Have you ever spoken words of power?  Seen mountains spring up from the
void?  Called forth a race of desert warriors and planted impenetrable
forests upon the ruins of a forgotten empire?

Few are chosen to enter the ranks of code wizardry.  Perhaps you feel the
call.  The secrets of DM sorcery could be yours for a price.  The price is
power.  How much can you take before being consumed?  How deep can your
logic go; how nimble is your comprehension?  Will you wield more than you
should and fall prisoner to your own dimension?

We have created a framework for the creation of networked worlds.  It is
called Dantom's Universal Networked Game which coincidentally spells out
the word DUNG.  Never mind that.  The interesting bit is DM, the DUNG
Maker.  It is a language specially tailored for the design of graphical
networked worlds.  That's where the power and warriors and forests come

Did we mention the bugs in the forest?  Well, there aren't any bugs in
DUNG, but just in case some crept in from the forest, we decided to do a
beta test of the software first.  That will give you a taste of power and
us a chance to track down any six legged critters you meet during your

If the prospect of creating your own networked world intrigues you or if
you read this and have no idea what it's all about but felt a strange
tingling sensation in your spine, check out our web site at
http://www.dantom.com/dung/index.html.  You can download a beta version
of DUNG from there and try things out for yourself.  If you decide to
explore more, we'll even give you a key, necessary to identify your
character in multi-player settings.

There is nothing like the cool breeze of one's own world on the face.  We
hope you enjoy it too.


Dantom International

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