[MUD-Dev] Re: Multi-Server games

Jo Dillon emily at thelonious.new.ox.ac.uk
Sat Jun 27 11:18:15 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

MH (michael at sparta.mainstream.net) spake thusly:
> Just keep the player/object on the original server until the new server
> verifies that it has taken possession of the player/object.  Something
> along the lines of:
> The international highway:
> You see a signpost here, marking where Bubbaland leaves off and
> Boffoworld begins.
> > walk east  (to Boffoland)
> <remote server SEGV's>
> <local server fails to recieve confirmation of remote server's
> acceptance of player>
> <local server puts player back where he/she was, takes necessary visual
> steps>
> Suddenly, a great chasm appears between you and Boffoland.  You won't be
> going *there* for a while...
> > curse
> You swear angrily.

  This is exactly what I do, as a matter of fact. But what if things fail
halfway through transferring a group of objects? (I.e. Bubba is transported
but failure happens halfway through transferring the things he's carrying?)
And what happens if something nasty happens between the time when the
object is linked into the new node's database and the acknowledgement is


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