[MUD-Dev] Re: what's fun?

Richard Bartle 76703.3042 at compuserve.com
Sun Jun 28 06:19:23 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Fri, 26 Jun 1998 14:21:52 -0700
J C Lawrence <claw at under.engr.sgi.com> Wrote:
 >Mike Sellers<mike at bignetwork.com> wrote:
 >> Does it all come back to Bartle's suits?  
 >Anhh, that merely attempts to classify goals.
        Excuse me? Less of the "merely", please...
        That paper attempts to get MUD designers (among others) to think
about player dynamics rather than going in blindly. Furthermore, it proffers
advice as to how to adjust these dynamics. You may disagree with any or all
of it, but it doesn't "merely" attempt to classify goals.

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