[MUD-Dev] Re: WIRED: Kilers have more fun

Koster Koster
Mon Jun 29 14:12:51 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

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> Koster, Raph wrote:
> > Players could outfox the guards fairly easily (the pathfind isn't
> > smart), never mind teleportation and other similar problems. And
> they
> > slay in one blow because given more blows, the player can indeed
> > teleport away. If your crooks can teleport away, they will do so
> every
> > single time, making the "safety" of towns a mockery and undermining
> > confidence in the administration.
> Why not enable the guards to prevent teleporting?  This could be
> through 
> something as simple as throwing a net over the target, although my mud
> uses various spells such as Web, Jail of Water, Arms of the Abyss, etc
> to hold people in place.
Could have done that. But the further we go down that route of trying to
prevent those problems, the more worth it it seemed to just make them
teleport there and kill the guy. :)

> You could even make the entire town anti-magic, although I imagine
> this 
> would result in a lot of complaints ;)
Towns ended up being this way anyway (actually, anti any offensive
magic--it does no damage).


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