[MUD-Dev] Job offer for multiplayer game development

J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Wed Jul 15 10:54:33 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

The following is a little circumspect in its writing, for which I
apologise, but there is a confidence involved.  Timing is also tight
so I'm directly CC'ing this to a few people who might be interested or
know people who are interested.

A gaming company (you probably own one of their boxes) has a position
in the San Francisco Bay area for someone to help them get a massively
multiplayer game server running (~1Million simultaneous players is the
base target).  I don't know if they are doing anything MUD-like, but
knowing a little about the people involved I suspect they'd be open to
the idea.  The project is in trouble and they need someone very good
to wade in and get the damned thing working.  They need someone who
knows their stuff: currently it doesn't scale past the low hundreds.

Client technical notes: Be able to syncronise multiple servers,
multi-threading/multi processor applications, TCIP/IP, low level
networkiing stuff, expert at distubuted systems, UNIX (solaris???), C,
C++, Internet, etc yada yada.  Nothing terribly unusual outside of how
far they want to scale it and the distribution.

They're willing to pay, and they need someone last week.  I don't know 
if they have the time for visa questions, but its worth asking and
they may be able to fast track something.  

Please contact me directly with any questions.  Yes, I wish to hell I
could take the job myself, but I'm already obliged to SGI.

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