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Koster Koster
Mon Jul 27 09:53:51 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

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> On 11:16 PM 7/26/98 -0500, I personally witnessed Damion 
> Schubert jumping
> up to say:

> >in Meridian, I always was ashamed that player weapon 
> >repair was only done magically, with a 'mend' spell.  
> >Blacksmithing just seemed to keep slipping off the schedule.  
> >The players didn't care.
> Players NEVER care. We keep talking about all these things, 
> all this stuff,

Not to quarrel with Damion (everyone always expects me to quarrel with
Damion!) but some players DO care, and it isn't quite as absolute a rule
as what you two state. :) There are ALWAYS things that players see a
hint of and want to be in the game, too. (I've certainly heard enough
people ask for X feature in MM6!). In UO players decided that by gosh,
they ought to be able to animate dead. After all, there are NPC
skeletons. From that, a whole necromancy project arose, with research
pages and feature lists and all sorts of stuff. There is no necromancy
whatsoever in the game. But many players are convinced there is. Some
features, players will indeed care about.

In an example more suited to the thread of your discussion: in UO you
cannot repair bows. You can repair melee weapons, but not bows. (And
yeah, how much sense does it make to fasten together a bow once it
breaks?) Players still scream for that feature. It makes sense not to
have it; it's also the sort of feature that is exactly the sort of
omission your posts describe. But some will clamor for it anyway...


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