[MUD-Dev] Re: Ansii color, needing some specs and or pointers.

Ross Nicoll rnicoll at lostics.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 29 09:00:30 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote in a Mail about "[MUD-Dev] Re: Ansii color,
needing some specs and or pointers.":

>>I guess their implementation of telnet protocol is
>>too minimal.
 > While it doesn't 'support' telnet sequences, at least now it recognises
 > them and responds appropriately according to the RFC (by refusing to do
 > anything).
Reminds me of my server. Ignores telnet sequences in the hope they'll go
away :) It should do more, but I haven't had time to implement that yet,
and the I/O code is a bit of an ants nest at the moment anyway.
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