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I thought I'd forward this to the list for some of ye olde BBS fans.  



(WINCHESTER, VA) - July 31, 1998- TeleGrafix Communications Inc. has
acquired intellectual property rights for two popular Internet server
systems developed by Searchlight Software Inc. Effective immediately,
TeleGrafix assumes responsibility for marketing, sales and future
development of the Spinnaker Web Server and Searchlight BBS System.

TeleGrafix plans to fully intergrate its award-winning Remote Imaging
Protocol (RIPscrip) online vector graphics technology into future versions
of the server systems. The combination of Searchlight and TeleGrafix
technologies is expected to create new types of customized Internet
services, such as on-demand publishing, that feature lightning-fast

"Searchlight Internet servers have a worldwide reputation for quality, power
and ease of use. Combining them with our rapid RIPscrip graphics technology
will create a powerful platform for community information services, database
publishing and the emerging mainframe-to-Web market," said Patrick M.
Clawson, president and chief executive officer of TeleGrafix.

Both companies are privately held and terms of the transaction were not
disclosed. The deal marks a change in corporate direction for Searchlight
after more than a decade as a pioneering online software developer.

"Searchlight is shifting its corporate focus from the original development
of new software technologies to becoming a systems integrator of Internet
commerce applications. We've long admired TeleGrafix for its creativity and
leadership in Internet graphics technology, and it's the best company to
take our server systems to a higher level of development," said Searchlight
President Frank LaRosa.

Unlike most World Wide Web servers that simply serve up static HTML pages,
Spinnaker 3.0 uses "Active Web" technology to build web pages "on the fly"
in response to user needs. Spinnaker's dynamic web content creation
technology, which includes built-in scripting support for database access
and message conferencing, makes it very easy to publish web pages that are
customized for each individual user. Spinnaker can be used on Windows 98, 95
and NT platforms. It can open most file or server-based databases including
Access, dBase, FoxPro, and Paradox tables; any ODBC data source; and SQL
databases including Sybase, MS-SQL, Oracle, Informix, Interbase and IBM

The Searchlight BBS system is one of the most popular dialup bulletin board
systems in the world. A BBS is a self-contained online information service,
typically running on one or more personal computers, that communicates using
direct-dial telephone lines. Searchlight BBS systems are fully Internet
accessible through Telnet connections, and feature easy-to-use interfaces,
message conferences, chat systems and file libraries. The Searchlight BBS
System is available in both 32-bit Windows 98/95/NT and 16-bit DOS versions.

While the number of BBS systems has declined in recent years due to the
popularity of the World Wide Web, TeleGrafix estimates that about 40,000 BBS
systems are operating around the world. BBS remains a popular means of
online access in markets outside of North America, especially in areas where
Internet service is expensive.

TeleGrafix, founded in 1992, is headquartered in Winchester, Virginia. The
company is the developer of RIPscrip online vector graphics technology,
which allows the rapid transmission and display of multimedia over any type
of computer or telecommunications system. RIPscrip technology has been
honored with the Dvorak Award for Telecommunications Excellence, the
Internet industry's most prestigious honor. TeleGrafix is the only American
software company ever to receive research and development funding from the
Japanese Ministry of International Trade & Industry.

Searchlight, founded in 1987, is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. A pioneer
of online technologies, its products are used worldwide by thousands of
small businesses and online information providers.

Patrick Clawson
TeleGrafix Communications Inc.
111 Weems Lane, Suite 308
Winchester, VA 22601
Phone: (540) 678-4050 or 
Fax: (540) 678-4052
E-mail: clawson at telegrafix.com
Web: www.telegrafix.com

Frank LaRosa
Searchlight Software Inc.
Phone: (216) 732-7629 
E-mail: frank at searchlight.com

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TeleGrafix Communications, Inc.           Sales: (540) 678-4051
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Winchester, VA 22601-3600                   BBS: (540) 678-4053
WWW: http://www.telegrafix.com
FTP: ftp.telegrafix.com
TELNET: telnet.telegrafix.com

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