[MUD-Dev] ADMIN: Advertising on MUD-Dev

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sat Aug 8 10:38:31 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Writing as list owner:

  I was hoping to avoid this particular corner of the 'net world, but
that seems not to be.

  We now have list members who are using various free email services,
and in particular email services which append or prepend avertising to
all messages sent thru them (eg yahoo).  Sooner or later one of them
is going to request posting authority.  This very much rubs me the
wrong way: I have no interest in being the host for another's
advertising.  I especially have no interest in cannonising their
advertising for posterity in the web archives for the list.

  My temptation is to refuse posting authority to all such
advertising-laden messages as a matter of policy.  I also realise that
some 'net users have no general email address (eg their only 'net
access is thru work and work either does not support Internet email so
they use a web based email service or they don't want non-work related
email entering the company and potentially putting their job at risk).
I could install filters on the list to attempt to strip advertising
from inbound messages but am leery of committing to having to support
that filter as the format and pattern of the advertising changes over

  Comments?  Thoughts?  Discussion welcome.  Please discuss this only
under the above subject heading.  I'll post a formal decision by
before the 15th, at which time the thread will be dead.

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