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> Hopefully, this will change soon.  Corel said they were gonna work
> on a JIT for Linux (for their Netwinder).

There are multiple projects for JVM's, Java->native, etc for Linux,
not all Open Source, some commercial.  See:


and the earlier:


and related pages for a reasonable coverage of performance and the
area.  The results, are particularly interesting from a MUD server or
client perspective as the concetration points are not dissimilar.

A quick pair of quotes:



Although Sun Microsystems and friends recently celebrated Java's third
birthday, Microsoft still is crashing the party and blowing out all
the candles when it comes to Java performance. But with the new
generation of Java virtual machines (VMs) coming out this fall,
Microsoft's ability to steal the show may not last much longer. In
this follow-up to the server-side Java performance article published
in the December 1997 issue of JavaWorld, author John Neffenger
(founder and CTO of Volano LLC and creator of the VolanoMark, the
first benchmark to effectively measure Java performance and
scalability on servers) provides a comprehensive look at the
scalability of these new virtual machines, and how they compare to the
latest currently available VMs (including some that shipped only a few
days prior to publication!). A JavaWorld exclusive. (4,700 words)




What is VolanoMark?

VolanoMark is a 100% Pure Java server benchmark characterized by
long-lasting network connections and high thread counts. In this
context, long-lasting means that the connections last several minutes
or longer, rather than just a few seconds. The VolanoMark benchmark
creates client connections in groups of 20 and measures how long it
takes for the clients to take turns broadcasting their messages to the
group. At the end of the test, it reports a score as the average
number of messages transferred by the server per second. Its results
have accurately predicted the real-world Java performance and
scalability limits of our VolanoChat product line for almost two years


FWLIW TowerJ under Linux comes out on top.

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