[MUD-Dev] Re: Equipment Fit

pomales pomales at caip.rutgers.edu
Wed Sep 2 11:29:06 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Holly Sommer wrote:
> >
> > Bubba buys BOS... BOS->fit = 0; BOS->owner = "Bubba";
> > Every MUDday the boots are worn BOS->fit += 1;
> > Bubba wears the boots for about a month (BOS->fit == 30)
> > Someone (Ackbar) steals the boots and puts them on;
> > strcmp(BOS->owner, "Ackbar") returns negative, so the
> > boots have a "fit" of -30 for Ackbar. Each MUDday that
> > Ackbar wears the boots, so, BOS->fit += 1;
> > BOS->owner would still be "Bubba" until they reach 0.
> It would be silly :-) Then no one would ever lend out
> equipment, because the fitting would be 'reset'.
> Example:
>   Bubba lend out his well worn boots to Ackbar, just for
>   an hour, then the boots fit Ackbar badly (fair enough),
>   but when Bubba gets them back, they will fit him equally
>   poorly (owner will be "Bubba", but fit will be -30, not
>   30).

I think you misunderstood, this sounds like a greate idea. What Holly
said was that the boots would lose there "fit" slowly... Or rather
having worn the boots for an hour (mud day?) would increase the "fit" to

-29, but the owner is still Bubba. Remember the new owner takes effect
at 0. I think this system coupled with a equipment aging system would be

pretty nifty. How do you guys generally deal with ages of equipment?
Should a pair of boots that have undergone many such changes of fit
break sooner than another pair that didnt? I think they should, maybe
depending on the material in question...

Did I over quote?...

Elis Pomales

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