[MUD-Dev] PERL based MUDs

J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Wed Sep 9 16:45:41 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

PerlMOO just struck:



Perlmoo is, you guessed it, a LambdaMOO style moo, written completely
in perl. The moo is currently under heavy development, and is
alpha-quality code. Its features currently include:

     Basic objects like people, rooms, exits, containers, guests,
     wizards, builders, programmers.

     Multi-user internet server. 

     Programmers can execute perl code safely (I hope!) directly
     inside the moo, to do simple things, without being allowed to do
     things that would mess with objects in the moo they don't own,
     with the moo program itself, or with anything else on your

     From the database it dumps out, to each of the object classes,
     it's all written in object oriented perl, for easy extensability
     and addition of new object classes. GPL copyright, do with it
     what you will.

Planned future features are: 

     Multi-threading support, so objects can run in the background
     and do things, and so each user gets their own thread.

     Allowing programmers to add new objects and verbs to the moo as
     it runs, by entering perl code directly into it.

     Help system. 


     Improved object inheritance. 

     More base object classes. 


This is of course different to PerlMud at:


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