[MUD-Dev] Equipment fit revisited

Andy Cink ranthor at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 11 16:54:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Howdy everyone, de-lurking here. ;) I got to thinking about the
equipment fitting idea.. it's pretty cool, but I see a problem. With
soft items, such as leathers, having fit increase would seem a logical
thing to do.  But what about metal armors? I don't think platemail
would conform to fit my soft body..

If someone got some hard leather boots, but walked in them for a
couple months, then gave them to me, I'd probably find them pretty
comfy. After all, they spent all that time getting them nice and soft,
so the fit would probably be better for me than a fresh pair of really
tough leather boots.

(Or in other words, the "fit" would probably still benefit me, just
not as much)

In the case of a metal armor, I don't think the fit COULD improve too
much, metal doesn't really conform to skin over time. (Or if it does,
darn is it cool)

It would seem more logical to me that fit would actually encompass how
well someone got used to a certain piece of equipment. When Boffo
finds a new suit of platemail, he may find that it chafes terribly and
he keeps falling over when he tries to walk. As he adjusts to using
it, he finds that he has learned to walk in it without much
trouble. He no longer gets chafed because he has learned how to
properly adjust the way it fits, and such.

However, just because he lent it to Biff for a day doesn't mean it
suddenly wouldn't fit him any more, or that he would somehow forget
how to use it.  Since people have to unsuit at some time (bathing,
bathroom, etc?), they'd lose some of the "fit" then anyhow. (You could
debate, just over the period of an hour or so, they could adjust it to
make it somewhat more comfortable?)

What might make more sense is having some armor use skills that
increase every virtual day, that then determine your ability to wear
and work in armors of that sort. (Would prevent some rich friend from
dumping a suit of awesome heavy plate on a newbie and having it be
ultra buff) Maybe fit could still be worked in here too.. any


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