[MUD-Dev] Re: Room descriptions

Nathan F Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Thu Oct 1 16:18:12 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

:On 30 Sep 98, Nathan F Yospe wrote:
:> On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:
:> :On Mon, 28 Sep 1998 15:32:58 -0700 (PDT) 
:> :Adam Wiggins<adam at angel.com> wrote:

:> :> I don't think this sort of constructed world will ever be
:> :> interactive in the way that I'm thinking; it will always be a
:> :> sophisticated Zork spinoff, which is to say you only have the
:> :> interactions which are coded by whoever created the area.

:> :Bingo.

:> Which is to say, there can't be anything more than case switching without
:> a full scale simulation?

:Even a full scale simulation is nothing more than case switching.

Not above the register level, no, not really. :P Certainly not from that
perspective being commented on here, namely the world-building part. The
case switches are deep in the event management, memory management, level
of resolution management, neural net feeding, etc... but builders don't,
and shouldn't, have to account for everything that might happen from the
inside of a switch.


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