[MUD-Dev] Re: Telnet Echo OFF/ON commands and other thingies..

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA
Fri Oct 2 08:05:29 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

[Bruce Mitchener:]

 >>My testing (with a fairly small set of telnet clients) shows that
 >>some do not respond to this correctly. They signal back that they
 >>will start echoing again, but don't do so.

 >Can you tell me which clients had this issue?  I'd like to pass that along
 >also for test cases.

Scanned my AmigaMUD docs. The main culprit was the 'telnet' that came
with the AmiTCP/IP package. You likely don't care about that one, other
than as an example based on BSD sources. I couldn't find details, but
it looks like the TinyFugue MUD client doesn't handle ECHO negotiation.

 >My opinion on this differs somewhat in that I'd rather see a server that
 >sent out all data encoded in some manner, and when people needed
 >telnet-style access, they'd connect to an auxillary server which rendered
 >the content from the encoded format into the traditional flat text format
 >and handled the basics of command parsing.  This server would handle the
 >telnet option negotiation.

That's what I did on the Amiga, sort-of. I called the intermediaries
"agent" programs. They ran on the server machine and sat between the
real server and the client. The new version I'm working on for UNIX
does the telnet stuff right in the main server.

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