[MUD-Dev] Re: [DESIGN] To kill or not to kill? (non-violent conflict)

The Wildman wildman at microserve.net
Sun Oct 4 15:24:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Marian Griffith wrote:
> Actually, I wrote the Tailor scenario to highlight much the same
> point you seem to be trying to adress: How can a game accomodate
> the players who do not want to be fighters, without forcing them
> to become fighters? (the tailor in the scenario is not interest-
> ed in fighting, is obviously not good at it anyway, and the game
> should not force her to become a fighter just to be able to play
> the game).
> At least two of us (that is Dr.Cat and me) feel that perhaps the
> only solution lies in removing combat  as much as possible  from
> the game.

Well, the difference is that my game avoids the tailor problem. Combat would
be sort of like:


You are on the beach.
Bob is here.

>kill bob
You slay Bob in cold blood. You suddenly notice that all the statues appear
to be watching you.

Running away isn't going to help you. Several guards appear, grab your arms,
and drag you away.

>kill guards
Surprised by your aggression, the guards release your arms.

You are on the beach near the mock sailboat.
A low rumble can be heard to the south.

You are swimming in the water.
The low rumble seems to be getting closer.

You are swimming in the water, further out to sea.
The low rumble seems to be coming from right behind you. You turn your head
and see a large sphere bouncing toward you.

Too late! The sphere catches up with you and you are somehow drawn inside.
You are suffocating.

You can't move.
You are suffocating.

>kill sphere
You can't move.
You are suffocating.

>yell help
You can't move.
You pass out from the lack of air.

You wake up feeling happy, and unconcerned. Your head hurts a bit.
You are in your cabin.
Bob is here.

Bob says, "That wasn't very nice, but I suppose you won't do it again."
>look self
You have a small scar on your head. Although it hurts a bit, this doesn't
concern you.
You are wearing a hospital gown.
You are wearing a button with the number 13 on it.

>kill bob
You really don't want to.


Okay, so that was a bit MORE than mere combat. It also included the
consequences, such as a lobotomy. Also, Bob has been revived, making it all
for naught.

The Wildman
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